The poetry request was a cinquain with the prompts risk, wiggy and round.
I used the A, B, C, C, B scheme.

Both this and the previous post will be a book for the challenge.


He walked along the sand
Or, rather, zigged and zagged, plunging
In his wiggy way into the waters and out
As if weighing what the risk was about
Round and back his indecision continuing.


A thank you note was requested for writing with the prompts wave, lean and quirky.

Dear Renee-

I hope you saw me wave from the car as I rolled down the driveway into the red- maple-lit street.
The visit was stimulating and energizing as always. Being together brings out all the quirky, crazy ideas that have needed an outlet. Nothing lean or minimalist for us-full out color, texture and relief to bring things to life.
Many, many thanks for hosting the latest of our Art Fests. They seem to be getting better and better as does the food.
Looking forward to the next one out my way.

Love, Lois