Focus Generator

Focus Generator is a tool for artists who enjoy the challenge of randomly set project parameters; and for those who find that preset parameters help them to focus their creative energies into projects beyond their previous imaginings.

The Focus Generator Engines were originally created in a software called Flash, which came to end-of-life in 2020.

The Focus Generator Engine presented here is a light version. Select Focus to generate prompts for your creative making.

For each category selected, Focus Generator uses a random process to provide potential project parameters. The databases are significantly large, which means that each set of parameters is unlikely to be repeated, especially for a given individual.

Focus Generator comes in three flavors: Focus Generator, is the primary engine and provides the highest level of challenge for the contemporary creative. Focus Light is a mid level machine for those who know their media yet enjoy the challenge of content triggers. Custom Focus provides the the highest level of individuation as it allows Participants to custom select from randomly generated stimuli.

Focus Generator invites you to take the Focus Generator Challenge.

Set a timeline commitment for your personal creative production. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, or even when the urge is strong and the mind blank. Then use Focus Generator to stimulate your project content and perhaps even the manner in which you will focus your production. Use this site to share your creative output. Get started by selecting Participate.

Groups interested in a customized Focus Generator Challenge can contact the Gear Mistress by emailing: participate at to discuss their concept.